Alain Bartels received a BSc.Hons (1st class) in Mechanical Engineering followed by a Masters degree (Distinction) in Electrical Engineering in 2017. Alain combines working in the SHL with PhD studies in soft sensing with the ARC ITRH for Offshore Structures. He was a member of the team that won the Young Innovators award at 2017 Perth Unearthed Hackathon, and he was a member of the 2018 Unearthed Hackathon and the Shield-X teams. He is active in developing and presenting on the BlueBox project and provides practical support for our use of collaboration tools.

ARC Offshore Hub for Floating Facilities:

The Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Offshore Floating Facilities (OFFshore ITRH) is a multi-disciplinary research initiative jointly funded by industry and the Australian Research Council. We are collaborating on the critical engineering challenges faced by offshore oil and gas projects by creating improved design and operating procedures. We are based at the University of Western Australia, with nodes at Western Sydney University and The University of Southampton.

UWA System Health Lab:

Our vision is to imagine a richer university experience for digitally savvy students by bringing a start-up mentality and technologically curious students to industry-motivated research projects. We enable engineering and computer science students to transition effectively into the graduate and research roles or start their own companies.

We have a strong commitment to open source hardware and software. Where possible we leverage open source analysis tools and openly share data and models we create to encourage collaboration.

The System Health Lab is a meeting place, leveraging the industry links of the Lab’s leadership team, to support current students meeting practising engineers and engaging in industry workshops and conferences.